Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Organizing and supplies I do or don't love

I love the before an after pictures in magazines and on interior design websites.  My favourites are viewing: children's playrooms redesigned into something actually functional AND The miscellaneous closet.

However, I've noticed over time that sometimes some of the organization hints aren't as helpful as one would think.

I have used the hanging canvas shelves in all of their shapes and sizes.

Sure for the first week or two they are a Godsend but after that, they just become a pendulous mess. It's a pain to try and put things in them (shoes or clothing) or to take them out without wobbling he whole thing or smooshing other nearby hangers. They can tilt and twist, by the way, if one side is heavy than the other. I think the trick to them is not puting too much in them, but if I can't fill them up an must leave them half empty like this picture why would I continue  using them?

They really make me wish for the plastic or wire racks that can be set up within a few minutes - they're no where near as stable and tidy as a properly built little cubby, but I'll take them any day over the hanging canvas shelves.
  I recommend building these shelves up to the ceiling or up to a level top shelf that runs all the way across the closet. I've had an excellent time with keep these kinds of closets tidy.

I also do not relish the over-the-door shoe organizer. I have used it for shoes, and I don't like it. I have used it for the backs of kitchen closet doors to hold foods and containers and lids, and I still don't like it.
Sure they organize things but they look sloppy and they don't last.

Right now, I have one over the back of my bedroom door holding all of my rolled up cardigans. It is working. But I still don't like it.  What I would like is to just install some wall-mounted-letter sorters.
Imagine it. They could be cast iron, they could be wood with beautiful scroll work, they could be hard clear plastic. They would be beautiful and functional.

Heck, if I weren't renting I'd be tempted to go saw some of my planter boxes in half and nail gun them to the back of my beautiful turn of the century farmhouse door. They would make lovely long pockets for my door and for my growing cardigan obsession.

Recently, I've found single pocket wall file holders that IF I painted white would looks lovely on the back of my door.
Rolodex single pocket wall file from

Maybe two or three per level? They would give enough visibility that I could see the whole item it holds, but not enough so that I will perceive any mess. They would blend in nicely to the door but still be sturdy and lovely to look at. Not like my wobbly, doorframe scratching, paisley mess of a over-the-door-organizer that I currently have.

Or maybe I'll go all out and build in some lovely shelves and add some trim around the edges to secure everything. posted this lovely picture of a door almost identical to mine but with corbels & planks added to create shelves.
Of course, that may not be your style. Perhaps you want something a little more utilitarian for your kitchen? has some excellent ideas for your pantry if you're interested. ^^