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Miscellaneous Awesome

Well, a few years ago I started saving pictures I thought were pretty or that made me happy and eventually it morphed into me stashing away pictures that I will eventually collage into my imaginary dream home.  I've decided to post most of them here.

It's actually really interesting. I go through the pictures I have stored away about once a year and it's really cool to see how my preferences have changed and how my ideas have evolved over time.

If you have any suggestions, lovely pictures of your own, or links please don't be shy.

Today's update will just be assorted things that I thought were neat but that would not fit into my dream home. I just couldn't leave them out though!

Be warned. This will be ridiculously long.

How gorgeous is this. I would absolutely love to even see a glimpse of this house. This is my fairy tale home with the wild garden. Heavenly

The way the outside makes its way in is lovely. I think I'm a fan of the dark flooring.

This is just awesome. I would buy this  pattern and use it for bed linnens or wrapping paper.

How cool is this. A corner bath! with neat little legs!

I don't really know what to think of this is but it certainly caught my eye

 I love how something so man made can blend in in such a lovely way with the outdoors.

 I admit it. I'm a sucker for tall windows. But, I also like the idea of sitting in here barefoot, reading, tapping my feet against the textured brick floor.

I think if I were daring enough I would steampunk up my bathroom like this. But, to be honest, I'm just not that brave.  I would consider copper counter tops in the kitchen though.

 I find this a little cluttered but I can't help think that this will be really cozy and homey. It feels like everything that is in the room is to scale and must have been collected over a number of extraordinary adventures.

 I forget where I found this but I do remember it was a mini-home. While I enjoy looking at all the clean lines and lack of clutter, having lived in small spaces before, I know for a fact that if I had a mini-home it would never be this tidy -- and that would stress me out.

 I just feel happy looking at all the light in this sunny room. I also enjoy that the doors are built to look like cabinetry. Secret bedroom!!

 I'm not sure why this is here. I think it was to remind me to look for the HydroQuebec advert with the dachshund. I always see it on the metro and I like it!

I love the idea of a green roof. I just don't know much about them. How long do they last. How do you avoid leakage. What do you do if the shield you've installed does leak. How can it be repaired? What are the best plants to put up there?

Isn't this just serene and romantic? I never even noticed the gold detailing at the top. A bit too much for me but it certainly helps draw the eye up and elongates the room.

 I definitely am a fan of dividers. I just can't imagine where I would put one!

This is much too dark for my taste, although it is lovely. Look at that cool closet. 

This just seems so classic and cool. It's beautiful and ornate but the wallpaper and the plane bedding really mute it so it's not over the top. However, while I admit it looks lovely here - I absolutely detest mirrored furniture.  I've grown up with a few and anyone who has had siblings, pets, heavy books, or a vacuum cleaner without a rubber bumper, knows that these are far from indestructible. Beautiful but easily shattered.

I think, if I could add a room to my dream house (it's already much too large) I would add this room. I would be proud to have a room like this and I would always be inviting friends and family to stay over for the holidays.

I've got a bit of a love on for Moroccan decor. I think I would only deck out one bedroom and the adjoining bathroom, in my dream house this way. 

Found these while stumbling. I think it's from libraryporn.  I wouldn't want this, but damn is it ever cool.

 Not my style but very neat...although possibly very buggy.

 This deck is HUGE! but I like covered decks like this either all white, or with a dark finish for the floorboards.

I think I kept this because I loved the way the decorator used the wall paper, how it is even pasted above the door.

 While I love homey and comfy bedrooms and living rooms. I prefer my bathrooms a little less cluttered.

 Now for something completely different. Check out this chandelier. It was in one of the earlier photos I put up. I'll try and find another! Opulent, ridiculous, big, and beautiful.

 I remember loving these windows and the way they just dwarf the seating area. But now, with a bit more experience under my belt and many a cold night spent shivering in a two level family room I can honestly say it not an experience I would like to repeat.

While the light can stream in, I think I would also feel rather exposed with so much window...also, how do they wash them all!?

 Look at that crazy roof! Who designed this!? It's amazing.

 I don't remember why I kept this. I was probably just enamored with the plants. I think that's rosemary in the back :)

 I really do love training bushes. I means I can procrastinate about my weeding.

 You'll definitely notice,  even just from this post, that I absolutely love circular windows. I should have been born a hobbit. I was made for extra stuffed wing back chairs, toasty hearths, and multiple meals a day.

 Here's a better picture of the ship chandelier! Crazy right? 

 I wanted to paint my dream kitchen a bright yellow, but this picture helped sway me against it. I looks really good here, but I can imagine it irritating me everyday rather than cheering me.  I can't remember whose home this was, but I believe it was someone whom I should remember.  A famous author? hmmm.

 I also love window seats. If it doesn't have a window seat then the sill should be wide enough to park your keester on.  I remember sitting in my grandparents bedroom, perched on their windowsill. It was one of the places we used to count to 100 for hide and go seek.

 I think I kept this just to remind me not to design anything too hoity-toity. While each of the elements alone or in pairs would be lovely, together I find them to be uninviting. Have you even come in to a home where you felt like touching anything might somehow upset your host. I hate that.

 HOGWARTS!! Gryffindor common room. Not the design I would take for my dream home, but I want to take the rich comfy feeling from here and supplant it into my dream library.

 I can't imagine puting this anywhere but I love it. I feel like this is where I would read bedtime stories.

 This isn't every little girl's fantasy, but this is every bibliophile's wet dream. Look at those spiral stair cases!

 Herbology! And why not? Who doesn't want their own greenhouse.

 I like the use of space here. My other half would hate it, he's tall. But, wouldn't this make a neat nook for the older kids to hang out in. All my neices and nephews are tiny right now, but eventually they'll be the older one and won't want to hang around downstairs with their younger family members.
 Faux snow leopard..mmmm cozy.

 I know this isn't steampunk but I kind of get the same feeling. My nerdy biology radar is beeping off the love meter.   Actually, I collect specimen drawings because I love them, but I have no idea how to showcase them.
 Why not? (o_/)

 Yep, I'm a collector of old pictures, maps, books, stamps, coins. You name it, I've probably fallen in love with it.

 No idea, but cool.

 Not for me but neat!

 Just a pop of colour in an otherwise ordinary dining room chair.

 So, I kind of love bunk beds. This probably comes from staying over at my grandparents with all of my cousins during the summer holidays. It was terrible and wonderful all at the same time. But I only remember the wonderful now :)    So, I would definitely outfit a room with bunk beds.

 Super airy. But the bottles!! The pacific islander in me is having a fit.  At the first tremor they'll all come tumbling down on your heads!

 mmm. cozy.   If the white witch from the Narnia chronicles ever defrosted without dying, this is what her favourite day bed would look like.

 While I am a fan of cozy traditional furniture, this one is pretty cool. You can fold it around and angle it different ways.

 Never would this be in my home....a guest cottage....maybe maybe-not

I love these little tables that you can adjust the height of!

 I have a trunk problem. I really feel the need to have on in every bedroom

 Lots of light, BUT check out the ceiling!!

 Not a huge fan of zebra print and I might be alergic to the real thing but using it ONCE is acceptable.

 Delicate and lovely with a backdrop of rougher edges. Also, huzzah for reading lamps!

 Where would you put this???

 I think this is some sort of ceiling painting that I found on One Kings Lane. It's quite trippy up close.

Copper ceilings are not for me no matter how ornate. Although the microbiologist in me in wondering whether the innate antimicrobial properties of the copper tiles would affect airborne pathogens.

 Weird. I feel like this could be a hotel suit in Jurassic Park.

Weird, niffty, jester-ish?

 I find these colours really calming. Also, I like beach rocks and rocking chairs. What's not to like?

 Designs on your walls using window decals! ingenious.

 Another room divider

Gorgeous wood.

Cool old seats. The first one reminds me of some sort of old camper van chair. I would totally put these in a woodsy fort.

Two different types of cool chairs
I can't tell if this is a really old basin for washing vegetables or not. Is it a trough for REALLY tall pigs?  I would use it to let my bread dough rise in.

 At first glance I enjoy this but after staring at it for a's a little meh.   I wouldn't want to spend my whole day in this room.

 I like the lay out of this room. The low furniture makes the windows seem even bigger while the lowered lamps make the room seem cozier.  I do however, hate the black table slab. It works here but it would never work for me. Coffee tables should always be the same height as the cough seats. It's a deal breaker for me.

I really like pieces that you can tell took time to make. Obviously I can't have everything with beautiful detail like this or my dream house would begin to look like the room of requirement.

I think this is an antique baby rattle. Not sure how it got in this grouping but it continues to highlight my previous point.

 Why not? o_/

 Come on. That's just cool. You can mow your work roof.

It's just awesome.

 Who wouldn't want this?

Mmmmm. Hobbit-hole-o-licious.

 You see that? Look closely.       Hidden cat litter boxes   

 Definitely a focal piece.

I think I remember saving this just because it was made from wood from the black forest in Germany.

 What can I say, I love trunks.

I like to have kitchens and bathrooms be quite lean when it comes to cabinetry and visible knick knacks. I don't like modern designs as I find them too sterile. I did enjoy both of these though.

Double showers!

I like my kitchen and bathroom area sparse simply because this is how I see it in my head. Everything has its place and its place is away, unseen until needed.

If you didn't guess yet, I'm kind of a bibliophile. I like how the contemporary furnishings ground the lofty architecture.

 I've been playing for a while with the idea of adding some sort of ornate damask wallpaper to my dream dining room.  I felt the blue was too busy. The medium sized print below was quite nice.

It's probably become quite clear that I have a love of comfort and a double love of ensuring my family and guests are comfy.
Also, Books!

 Tiling.  Too much for me but it's still beautiful.

I loves me some circular entrances.

 Can you imagine having this little lantern up in your loft bedroom. lovely.

 A half black and half white room. This is crazy and gorgeous and wonderful. If I had the skill, I would build a room somewhere in the middle of nowhere (no other rooms attached) just so I could decorate it like this.

How beautiful.

Some cute chairs made of material for out of doors.

You know me and circular windows.

Not a fan of most mod furniture but check this little chair out. He's so unobtrusive. You could just sit him anywhere and he'd blend right in.

I would really like this book. I like the levels apparent in the picture but I don't think I'd be able to love that wall of urns.

A neat coffee table book that I would love t own

There is really no place for this lovely bench in my dream home but it's amazing. Look at the feet!

 Another lovely print from One Kings Lane:

I think these are royal chairs. A few centuries old?  Chairs have become much more comfortable since then.


Another circular window.

I don't think I would ever own a chair with feet. I'd be irrationally afraid that it would run off with me, beauty and the beast style. But they're really cool to look at.

I think I would hate to sweep and mop and dust these stairs but I love their flowing continuation. beautiful.

 Some glamourous yet quite bare bathrooms.  I love the deep bath tubs.

I really like how the decorator managed to use the wallpaper here to mask an otherwise awkward and claustrophobia inducing bit of architecture.

another really old chair.

Why not? o_/

I think I just enjoy the separation of the show from the bath but also that this was done without losing any light in either of the locations.

A lovely book store with even lovelier arched windows.

"Quick" wainscoting. Neat but probably not for me.

I really enjoy a dark blue couch. Not sure how I feel about velvet though. I think manufacturers produce micro velvet now that it somewhat child proof ?  This would probably go in my dream home's master bedroom.  It's too dark for a living room.

Why not? o_/

Just browsing some kitchens. Originally I thought that a pale buttery yellow would be the way to go. But the longer I think on it, the more I think a light blue would look nicer. I think I would keep the breakfast niche in the same shade group but in yellow.

These are pictures of the Lion King suite at some disney destination or other.  I was really just looking for a curved couch for my dream living room.  This room is surprisingly inviting for how dark it is.

Ya I likes me some old stuff. The problem is always finding one piece that can be elaborate and balancing it with more subdued pieces. I don't feel comfortable with the ornate (see bed) but I also don't feel satisfied with a more pare down item (see the chair) They're both still lovely...but *sigh*

Mr Carter always seems to pull it off effortlessly.

I  know this picture is a repeat but I want to you to see it again and get the feeling from it while looking at the picture below. Magical.

I definitely like wrap around porches and fireplaces.

Some interesting storage ideas and shared furniture.

I've never actually seen a corner bath tub before so this is really cool to me.

This is another lovely piece of furniture. Only, I think this one has just the right amount of character to spice up a room - without overshadowing everything around it.

These are some amazing lighting designs that I stumbled across a few years ago.  I think my heart would burst with joy if I could ever use them.

I've never seen an antique bed in person before. I just always assumed that there would be an indent for a matress (of straw or feathers and what not).

I like it. But who would want to sit in the bench of unsharable arm rests and uncomfortablility?

Check these out.  SOOOOOo cool.

 This actually kind of inspired what my dream dining room would feel like. Bold.  Maybe orange damask wallpaper? daring and frightening I know.

Some designs that are neat but that I would probably never use myself:

 although, this ikea one is quite cute ^^

 Personally, if you're going to go tree bed then go all out. This just isn't  free enough.

Mmmm lovely gorgeous clean stairway to heaven.
Circular windows!

 I've come to the conclusions that I am an absolute sucker for advertising with animals in it.
I have come across this picture SO many times and dismissed it each time. But, after the 10th time I decided it was cute enough, even just for the cat, to keep this picture.

Some more really cool architectural designing going on:

Bathroom picture?

Suspended bassinet.

A fancy fancy table with a excellently practical box. I would keep fire wood in it.

This is luxury in a staircase.

I thought this was a neat little couch for those rooms where you get a really odd angle. Could be useful.

This room just awes me. I could just stare at it for ages.

If I were to have a chandelier it would probably look just a little bit leafy and earthy, like this.

This is heart breakingly empty for me. It feels so balanced and calm. Yet, at the same time very lonely. Definitely a one person home.

Fairy Princess bedroom:

Imaginary, fantasy pond:

Beautiful. I'm becoming more and more appreciative of this kind of decoration.

This chair is so weird nowadays. But back in the old days this chair would have been prime realestate! The hood and wings would keep out drafts and could also shield it's occupier from overheating when not facing the fireplace.

Very cool but I think I'd be too energetic all the time. I like to nap on my couches.

I found the ship chandelier again!

A luxury bathroom.

I can't help it. I think I actually love this kitchen just for the lemon trees and the natural light.

 This is how you do a tree bed! Much less stilted than the white one I showed you last.

 Counter top made from recycled glass.

 Fancy and gorgeous. Although, the trees do more than support the architecture here. It wouldn't be half as magnificent without them.

Look at this incredible tile!!!  I WANT to use this somewhere!

 The spacious attic from a Sandra Bullock movie about witches. What an awesome attic. I remember playing tag up in my grandparents' attic. Running up the creaky stairs, hiding in closets that if you were scrawny enough could be used as a secret passage to an area over the staircase and into another room. If I owned this attic I would probably run around in it too.

I think this is sculptural only but I would make it into a bed.

Gorgeous. This will be re-added to my regular collection.

Check these out:

A super fancy super old castle turned hotel. If I were to downsize this for my dream home I'd have to get rid of the painting over the fireplace for sure.

I think a part of me Really loves the idea of a black bedroom. It's sexy, it's chic. It's easy to sleep in.  But it's easy to sleep-in. Also, can you imagine having a bad day or bout of depression in that room?:(

So whimsical.

I love these colour combos. Not quite brave enough to try them but I still love them.

I know that I should not like this but look how warm that would be! 

Pressure sensitive floor tiling. awesome

I really like this but I really wish the table were a little sturdier.

This has to be how people of the time saw Al Khazneh.

I like the tall windows. The ceiling is high but not too high as to suck all the heat straight upwards.  I like how the cool purple is warmed up by the two beige arm chairs.

Neat bird cage.

This is just GORGEOUS

Back lit wall.

Really cool ceiling. Set is a little too stiff though. Maybe a really comfy arm chair instead of the underpadded ones here.

 Metallic tiles.

This is just lovely. Lots of room to breathe and just a enough room to feel cozy.

I really like the idea of decorating stairs.

A water design in the middle of a house.

Gold flecked tiles

 I really love this. More windows would be nice though.

Really, this sums up my dream home right here ^^

This is such a cool colour combo.

It's interesting, I dress in jewel tones every day but I don' t think I'd have the daring to dress my home in them. Neutrals and rosy colours for my dream home.

Look at this lovely design on the flooring!

I really love this blanket set. It says "I am warm "


beautiful but I would hate it.

What a lovely little couch. If only it's little arms were puffier.

 I <3 big sturdy tables so hard.

I like how the wood work removes the feeling of exposure from the giant wall of windows.

The green house:

Apparently a gypsy house:
 Look at that HUGE bed!

I am so drawn to this couch and I don't know why. If it's back were just a little taller it would be my couch soul mate.

Lately, I've been loving the shiny painted walls.

 Happy book bedroom

 I also really love beds that have been "carved" into places. It feels like you really can hide from the world in there.

 nice window seat. I would make it a storage seat as well

mmmm archway

This is a picture of a picture of a french palace. I forget which one. But the plainess of the window with the richness of the door is just exquisite.

 Ya, I'm a sucker for animal furniture too.

I think I like this, but I'm not sure how I feel about this being in the entry way. Too highly frequented of a path to just sit there like a lump on a bump on a log.

I love this type of sink. A farmer's apron sink.  I also love the light colours used and how copper with a patina can still look good against it. It gives me hope!

What could possibly go wrong.... Rock climbing and book reading are not simultaneous acts but rather best enjoyed separately. I suggested reading on a swing instead and then rock climbing or vice versa.

 Weird but cool.

For something so simple. It looks amazing and enjoyable for at least a night or two.

This is a nice yellow and blue combo.

another interesting water effect in homes.

 an old old old cupboard

This is just gorgeous. I want to use this to inspire the bathroom off of the "Morrocan Room" in my Dream house.

 A cozy little corner to sit and read the paper with the dog flopped on the carpet in the sun next to me.

 Not quite bunkbeds but the same idea.

crazy recycled wood flooring..

 more quirky furniture.

 What a lovely way to incorporate orange. Its inviting without being overpowering.

 mmmm. Another book bedroom. If I didn't have my otherhalf this is how I would live. That and with a lot more cats.

 I think I would do this if I weren't such a control freak guardian of  my books.

 Once again I like the levels and the calm feeling.

 This is a common room in a hotel but if I could squish it down to size it holds some of what I would want the entirety of my home to feel like. Like it was made to be filled with people.

I totally considered painting my entire home a bright colour but I think I would go ALL white, including the roof to reflect heat and cut down on the heat island effect.

 hooded chairs with some lovely decore. I really like the plainness of the walls.

 I wish.

Nice, simple, uncluttered, aged and well worn.

 I really am a fan of archways.

 Norway has created some pretty cool things...

 More fancy stairs

 This is just lovely. But I think this would work better as a hotel suite or a restaurant seating area.


I love these pools. They're amazing:

This is really cool. Not sure where or when I'd use it, but look at that!

 Too fancy for me but still beautiful. I like how the chairs here have higher backs so that the room still seems in proportion.

 I saw this and loved it. Later I thought about how bold of a colour this would be in a dining room.

I love these little paperweights. I am a knickknack hoarder :(

 Good thinking! I really hope that I can use space this creatively one day.

 I would make a waiting room like this. But comfier. Maybe with a foot stool or two.

I like the headboard. I know it sounds weird but when I fall asleep and when I wake up my hands and feet fidget. So when I was little I used to wake up or falling alseep to myself caressing my headboard.  Now, I just wiggle my feet against one another.  Not as much fun though.

This just feels like there is some extraordinary story behind this setting.
Like the protagonists just haven't arrived yet.

 The duck feet kind of weird me out. They don't look very strong. But, I like the drum shape of the table.

I'm on the fence for this one. I used to adore chesterfields but now I see them as quite stiff.

A sleigh bed!!

A room doesn't have to be big to be home.

While I do really like the sweet baby designs. I can't see those staying there for more than five years. I would rather invest in something more long term.

 Like temperature sensitive tiles.

 I really like this.

I super like this. I would feel like a flower princess in this room

And this is just beyond description. If I could have this, it would be the central pillar of my home and it would spiral down to the basement or wine cellar or something.

Another way to offset the lacy and fancy: unfinished stone

 This is a pretty awesome pad.

Oh, Mr. Carter. You have me under your spell.

Another hidden bed! complete with lovely storage.

I always come across this image and I must say. I love this house. It has such beautiful bones.

Just because.


An interesting mural. Not my cup but I also don't like tile in bathrooms either so who am I to judge.

 Check out these crazy tiles! They're heat sensitive!

 The idea of using stained glass in a modern home never actually occurred to me until this picture. It's not gaudy at all. It's just like it's always been there. A part of the home.

 How cool would this dining room be in Halloween?

I like the metal lamp. Not sure what I'd do with it though....

Too flat. but I like their wiggly tree.

 WOW. A conservatory is pretty much every nerdy book reader's wet dream. If it has an attached laboratory I'll faint for certain.

 I would lose the bust and enjoy the hell out of the room! So so lovely.

If you haven't noticed I also love plants. I just don't know many good ways of keeping plants indoors. I don't want it to look to unkempt. And I don't want to have to water my indoor plants for hours before getting to my outdoor plants.

I real like this room. I has such a sweetness about it but it also doesn't shout girls only.  Also, that arm chair appears to have the perfect amount of cushion.

Well if you made it this far you may need eye transplants. That was a ridiculously long post.

For my next post I'll endeavour to pare down my submissions. And I'll limit them to one room only. Wish me luck!

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